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Sheep and Goat Insurance

Scope of Cover and Risk Covered

Insurance is provided for breeding sheep and goats, ram and male goats registered to Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s Registration System, according to the result of the risk assessment.

With regard to the sheep and goats covered by this insurance, deaths, compulsory slaughtering and abortion during any time in pregnancy period (which is also determined by the loss adjuster) losses arising from below risks are covered within the scope of General Conditions and Tariffs & Instructions.

  • Any kind of animal diseases and pregnancy, death due to labor or surgery,
  • Anthrax, blue tongue, sheep and goat plague, sheep and goat pox, cervidae epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), rift valley fever diseases among the diseases which are required to be reported as per the Law Nr. 5996 on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feeding Stuff.
  • Any kind of accidents, wild animal attack, snake and insect bites,
  • Poisonous meadow grasses and poisoning caused by fodder,
  • Any kind of natural disaster and sunstroke,
  • Fire and explosion.

The risks below may optionally be covered with an additional Premium.

a) Losses arising from death, obligatory slaughter, abortion and baby death due to Foot and Mouth Disease for the enterprises that have Free of Disease Certificate and also have the bio security measures, (provided that to insure all the insurable animals within the enterprise)

b) Losses incurring directly on the insured animals in the insured place stipulated in the policy or meadow or during transportation between (asked by farmer and accepted by insurer) in case of theft or attempted theft by;

  • Entrance through breaking, piercing, demolishing, overturning and by force,
  • Climbing or crossing by making use of related equipment/devices or physical agility,
  • Opening locks by using a previously lost, stolen or unfairly acquired original key or a key fabricated for this purpose or any other equipment/devices or passwords,
  • Secretly entering the insured place and then hiding  there,
  • Murdering or injuring other persons and by using force, violence and threats.


Policy Issuance

In order to insure his / her sheep and goats registered to Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s Registration System; the farmer shall apply to the insurance company or agency that is a member of the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM). Following the registration of the preliminary information form, which is edited by the policy holder / insured, to the system; Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) initiates the risk assessment organization. According to the result of the risk assessment, the insurance company or agency establish the policy in the system in accordance with the General Conditions and Tariffs & Instructions of State Supported Sheep & Goats Insurance. For the issued policy, Clarification Text, Policy Information Form and Policy printouts within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) are sent by TARSİM to our insureds as SMS or e-mail, depending on their preference. In case the insured prefers to take the printed policy; the agency takes the Clarification Text, Policy Information Form and Policy printouts within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) from the system in two copies and gives one copy to the insured in return for his/her signature. Then the agency issues the policy as two copies and hand out the one to the policy holder / insured.


Premium Payment

In Sheep & Goats Insurance, 50% of the premium written in the policy is subsidized by Government. 25% of the premium to be paid by the insured is taken in advance, the remaining premium is collected in maximum 5 installments.

Claim Notification / Loss Adjustment / Payment Process

In case a risk, which is covered by this insurance, occurred; policy holder / insured shall make the claim notification to TARSİM Call Center, 24 hours as of the date of the risk occurrence. Also, policy holder / insured could make the claim notification through TARSIM Mobile application, regardless of time and place.

In Sheep & Goats Insurance, Veterinary loss adjuster, who is appointed by Agricultural Insurance Pool, shall control the damaged animals within the shortest time, makes the necessary examinations and prepares the Sheep & Goats Insurance Loss Report. Following the completion of the loss file, finalized indemnity amounts are paid to the insured by the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM) via the bank channel within 30 days at the latest.